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Girls' Red Horizontal Striped Sweater, Red Skirt, Black Leather Oxford Shoes, White Socks
For an everyday outfit that is full of character and personality go for a red striped sweater and a red skirt for your little girl. The obvious footwear choice here is black leather oxford shoes. View Details
Girls' Beige Print Sweater, Grey Tulle Skirt, Grey Loafers, Red Tights
You'll have no problem tempting your tot into wearing this combo of a beige print sweater and a grey tulle skirt. The footwear choice here is pretty easy: finish off this getup with grey loafers. View Details
Girls' Brown Sweater, Beige Polka Dot Skirt, Brown Sandals, Brown Socks
Reach for a brown sweater and a beige polka dot skirt for your little angel for a fun day out at the playground. And why not introduce brown sandals to the mix? View Details