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Kanye West Style & Looks

Want to dress like Kanye West? Take at look at Kanye West's best outfits and get his trademark style.

Kanye West is a master of creating effortless athleisure style. Classic Yeezy style is high-end designer pieces and minimalistic sportswear-inspired silhouettes.

Kanye's go-to staples are long T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, slim torn-to-shreds denim and leather trousers. In his outerwear choices, 'Ye sticks to classic items - a black leather jacket, a classic cut wool overcoat in camel or grey, a blue denim jacket or a navy bomber. As for footwear, when he's not rocking Yeezy Boosts or a cool pair of Adidas or Nike sneakers, Kanye often opts for Timberlands, that he prefers to wear loose-laced, or Chelsea boots for more classic looks.

One of Kanye West's signature style moves is layering the various jackets in his arsenal over longer plain T-shirts. Pair an oversized T-shirt in white and blue ripped jeans, layer with a camel overcoat, a black leather jacket or a grey hoodie, complete with trainers or Chelsea boots and you've got yourself a classic Kanye West inspired outfit.

As for Kanye's preferred color scheme, he generally tends to keep his colors muted opting for camel, grey, black or olive, and his outfits monochrome.